About Us


is a company that makes treasure of Italian craftsmen of great quality and creativity is the engine of our work and the message we wants to communicate: we try to be present and up to the history, culture, skills and specific abilities of our country.
It ‘a real joy under which is all the rest: to produce in order to express an idea, a taste, a culture made of materials, finishing and attention for details, made of design and creative imagination in devising new desirable things, dealing positively with the effort that this entails.
In our case, it means also to propose a feminine idea identifiable with the taste, colours, scents and flavours of our beautiful land, Italy.
It’s not to go back that makes us different in the world, but to go forward preserving our characteristics.
Enjoy also the great cakes and delicious desserts inserted in the site because even these, like our accessories, express shapes, colors, flavors, tastes and knowledge of good Italian living.

Ellepi, the good taste of Italian dressing.