“Parigi” raincoat

Have you ever thought or desired to own a garment which is at the same time an elegant raincoat and an original overcoat? With the “Parigi” raincoat you will have a classical and well finished raincoat, original thanks to the exclusive and joyful printings of the fabrics; reversing it, you will discover a beautiful overcoat of whishing taffetas with shimmering colours such as Valentino-red, cobalt-blue, emerald-green, purple or the classical black and brown.
Here it is, in many patterns for “colourful” days and “sophisticated” nights.
All that for a unique and competitive price, in a totally Italian item, from the design to the finishings, from the fabrics to the manufacturing (accessories such as umbrellas, waterproof hats, bags are combined with the same printings).